Those are Real aren’t they?….


Finally….the answer!…you love candles…you love the glow…the flickering the flame makes as it dances on the wall….you hate the smoke…the fear that it will get knocked over…Every year we hear about candle fires…especially around the holiday season…well with these BRAND NEW Flickering candles the worries are gone. Using today’s technology they have a bright LED bulb within, to create a warm glow, this bulb reflects up to the small “Imitation Flame” that moves and dances as if real. Great for homes with pets…children…elderly…even those hard to get at spaces where a real candle would never work. They are equipped with a timer so you can turn them on and forget them. Running off of two inexpensive AA batteries they will bring you years of enjoyment. Sale price starts at just 28.99! Available in three popular sizes. Weddings…Christmas…window displays….the uses are endless! Candles UNDER the tree….on the window by the draperies….


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