Snuggle Monsters are here!! RUN!!! To Limoncello…:)



What happens when an inventive mind goes to work?…Snuggle Monsters are born!! made from washable and durable fabric these lil monsters are sure to delight the child of all ages..even the child in the older kids! From a one eyed cyclops to a sparkly skirted Girl Snuggle Monster they are whimsical! Each one is individual and each one has it;s VERY OWN NAME and thus…it’s own personality. Made by hand here in Nova Scotia, on the scenic South Shore these are sure to delight. One is a “Practical” monster…slipping over your child’s safety belt and giving them a soft belly to rest there head…The pillow pops out of the “Zipper Mouth” so Monster can pop in the wash…the other is simply a Monsterous friend!…and don’t we all need one of those some days?  🙂  Hurry in as these cutie petuties won’t stick round long….