’tis the season!

The warm glow of a salt lamp…This one is called “The Bowl Of Fire” The warmth of the light through the Himalayan Salt works by reducing the negative ions in the air. These lamps are said to help people sleep, reduce stress and anxiety as well as helping to reduce “RLS” Restless Leg Syndrome….and who couldn’t do with a little less stress during these hectic times


A few tips to remember to have your lamp work to its optimum performance is to leave the lamp on as much as possible, the lamp is ALWAYS working, as long as it is on. When the bulb eventually burns out, replace with no less than a 7w bulb, to a maximum of 20w. But your instructions should advise what is recommended for you. A flick of a switch lay back…and enjoy! Continue reading


Where has time gone?…..

We…(I)…got into the habit of using Facebook as my main source of social media and ignored this page completely….walk of shame….

That being said…the store in brimming with fabulous (Said in your best Ether Merman scream) new items…we have great stylish low cut rubber boots for ladies,

Black sideviewBooties Black

We are THRILLED to let you know that we now carry Java Moose Coffee pods for your Keurig machine. Locally roasted in small batches, these cups are 100% recyclable, so pitch in and help save the environment as well as enjoying a great cup of joe!

Recycle logo full cup view

AND…here are just two of the newest styles in our Okab ladies shoes! These are proudly made in North America and are a recycled product, they are skid proof as well as not marking..comfortable…and OH GIRL THE BLING!


So with spring and SUNSHINE banging at the door…now is your opportunity to be ready!  Visit us soon at the only local shopping experience i know of that offers FREE heated indoor parking!



Well! Spring has finally arrived!!!…It’s time for a visit to our location at Historic Properties for all of your spring travel needs. We have the greatest oka.B sandals & shoes. Made in the USA and guaranteed for two years this is a great product for a quick trip down south…A great selection of ESPE bags and wallets…a place for your passport or a great bag for a carry on! All the colors are bright and exciting and “Bling” is in the air!


Did you know we embroider our own pillow cases?  These are custom made done by us so the sky is the limit. We offer such sayings as “Mr Right” & “Mrs Always Right”, “Mr & Mrs” “I Do…” & Me Too!”  “Pirate Sleeping” as well as “Princess Sleeping” And for the seafarers among us there is “Captain” & “First Mate” Our Embroidery machines are always on the go….a great takeaway gift at a wedding for the bridal party or for a shower as well!




The sets retail at $29.99 and singles at $15.99…if you require something more personalized, within limits we can do that as well. Minimum order is 12 sets and price is based on content.


Been A While….

Well shame on me! Or as the younger kids today say….”My Bad”  Just to let you know we are gearing up for an awesome spring and have an AMAZING new item in store now…they are Glass Knots. Hand made and CRAZY affordable. The would be a wonderful gift for someone welcoming a new addition to the family…perhaps a wedding…and anniversary…a gift for all attendants in a wedding party…or really splurge and give as a gift to all that attend..They start at just $14.99 for the small version and are 29.99 for the largest. Only at Historic properties.